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Magnetic Hanging Hardware

Magnetic Hanging Hardware

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You no longer have to try to figure out the best way to hang our metal signs!

These magnets are simple to install and easy to hide behind your sign. All you have to do is screw the magnets into your wall at your desired locations. Place the metal sign on top to cover up any part of the magnet. With no hanging hardware actually showing, your sign will look its best!

The magnets measure 0.75" in diameter. They are 0.25" thick. The screws measure 1.5" long.  You will receive 2 round magnets and 2 screws. No other materials necessary.

Magnetic Hanging Hardware: These magnets will hold any of our signs up to and including the 18" size. We suggest 2 packets of magnetic hardware for certain signs that are more solid and are 24" or larger.


CAUTION: These are high powered magnets. Once these magnets are separated, please do not allow them to come in contact with one another or any metal surfaces as the impact will cause damage to the magnets or the magnetic surface. 

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